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Hydrochlorid Acid 32%
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Specification of Hydrochlorid Acid 32%

Specifications Product :

Category Hydrochlorid Acid 12% 
Price : Rp. 1,500 
Pack Pail/Jerigen 35 Kg / IBC 1 Ton / Truk Tangki 25 Ton
Country Of Origin : Indonesia 
Description : Quick Details 
Classification: Hydrochloric Acid 
Cas No..: 7647-01-0 
Other Names: Hci 
Food Grade 
Industrial Grade 
Reagent Grade 
Purity: 30-33% 
Appearance: Clear To Pale Yellow Application: 
Dyes, Medicine, Food, Printing, Dyeing, Leather, Metallurgical 
Brand Name: Guotai Hongfa 
Model Number: 30-33 
Color: Yellow Ipale

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